Tobago Man Conference 2019

The Season of the Mighty Warriors

Join us in Tobago for The Season of the MIGHTY WARRIORS where we come together as sons, brothers, fathers and men of God to grow in our faith and freedom so we can become the force God wants us to be for our families, communities and nations!
Those who counted you out can't count!
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Robert Paddier

After God’s Heart

Who Are We Going to Be When Things Go Wrong? Keynote: Pastor R Irvin Paddier – Men of Purpose President/Founder Host Pastor: Pastor Deleon Glodon – Christ Restoration Ministries, Buenos Ayres Scriptures: 1 Samuel 13:14, Acts 13:22 What Will We Do? Conference activities will include keynote presentations, worship, song, and fellowship. All generations, men from

Men of Purpose
Robert Paddier


Want to get involved with your community, help plan events, and be a part of something spectacular? Here’s your chance! Men of Purpose is assembling a committee to organize a series of marriage seminars throughout Trinidad and Tobago in 2019.  We are looking for; 1. EVENT PLANNER 2. EVENT MANAGER 3. EVENT ASSISTANT 4. EVENT

Robert Paddier

5 Psalms for Men Who Are Struggling

I am glad you’ve taken the time to read this today. So many times we as men are struggling, we make the wrong choices in life but in order for men to get help we have to make the right choice, and coming to this article is one of the best decision you would make

Men of Purpose
Robert Paddier

What God says…. about the Family Institution

Trinidad and Tobago’s family structure is under tremendous pressure. April 12th is judgment day on whether the buggery law would stay or be repealed. Who has the final say about  the family? God does! The Church of Trinidad and Tobago must now look at what God allows. When God allows something to happen its either

Men of Purpose
Robert Paddier

My Brother’s Keeper – Thanksgiving Celebration

Welcome! Men of Purpose welcomes you and thank you for taking the step to register for our second annual Men Thanksgiving, this year the venue will be at Siparia Open Bible,  Tuesday 19 June 3pm. “My Brother’s Keeper” is the theme and we hope to provide you with adequate information so you can resurrect and

Men of Purpose
Robert Paddier

How to glorify God in a suicidal situation?

How can I glorify God? Is that even possible? It is difficult in itself to wrap my simple mind around the greatness of God, The Father, The Son and last but not at all least The Holy Spirit. When I journey through the Word of God aka The Bible I overwhelmed with excitement. Within the

Good News For Men!

God has a Purpose, Plan and Passion for every man and his family.
Men of Purpose
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